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Singing a New Tune in Music Class!

Singing a New Tune in Music Class!

Students in Ms. Abrams music class are learning a new song for their winter concert in February. 

At the start of class, Ms. Abrams asked the students to close their eyes and listen to something that helped them relax and center themselves.

The students will be singing the song "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars. 

The class then started warming up using solfeggio, which is a voice exercise where you sing the same vowels or syllables. 

Ms. Abrams made a game out of it where she had the students repeat the syllables after her.

If they sang the exercise in the incorrect order they were eliminated from the game. 

After the warm up, the students started practicing the Bruno Mars song. 

The students are excited to sing the new tune for friends and family in February! 

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