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Team Building Activities in PE and Music

Team Building Activities in PE and Music

Whether in gym class or music class, students at South Elementary School always enjoy learning something new.

In Mr. Michael O'Donnell's PE class, students recently had the opportunity to learn how to play floor hockey. 

The students specifically worked on the skills of stick-handling and passing. 

At the end of the class, Mr. O'Donnell said the students played cooperative games and talked about how the lesson went. 

On the other side of the school, third grade students in Ms. Joan Abrams music class learned about different elements of music.

Ms. Abrams always begins her class by striking the singing bowl three times. 

She does this because it calms the mind, brings the heart rate down and refocuses everyone's attention. 

On this day students learned about the music staff and the treble clef.

The students spent time practicing lines and spaces on their hand. 

Ms. Abrams also played musical notes on a recorder as the students followed along with her. 


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