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Content Creator Club

Content Creator Club

Ms. Samantha Heindl-Porter runs a Content Creator Club for 4th and 5th grade students that meets on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:20am-9:00am. 

As part of the club, the students have the freedom of creating different types of multi-media projects.

They usually work together in groups of 3 or 4 to build their content.

Some of the students make videos with their iPads and edit them in iMovie.

This past week one group made a video on how to solve a Rubics cube.

Other videos students made included how to draw a strawberry, how to make a paper dragon, as well as an informative video about how the new clocks in the school do not match up with the time on their old clocks.

When the students complete their projects, they send them to Ms. Heindl-Porter and she makes them available for other students to enjoy.

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