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Welcome to Orchard Place

South School

Welcome to

South Elementary School is committed to providing our students with engaging learning opportunities in a safe and welcoming environment. We strive to support our students to become respectful and responsible learners and to partner with our families to enrich our learning community.

Principal Newsletter

Principal, Kristin Jares's page where she publishes her Newsletters.

Campus Parent

Campus Parent is our new Student Information System portal for families. You can register your child, see their class information and more.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Organic Life will provide menus 10 days before each month.

School Supplies List

South School

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be a Buddy


A Deeper Dive into our School

We invite you to take a few minutes to take a deeper dive into the walls of our school. We are proud to share with you our celebrations, innovations and student engagements happening each and every day.

62 Stories: A Tale of Two Clubs Coming Together

South School students give up their before school and recess time to be a part of the content creator and South Scoop News clubs. The students create their own creative content and report on the weather, events and other things happening at South school each week. All of the students get to watch and enjoy the content created by their classmates.

Photo of students participating in a race outside during field day.

Supporting the Whole Child

District 62 continues to place an emphasis on supporting the needs of all children especially as it relates to social emotional learning "SEL" and supports.

Video Testimonials

Sharing Our Stories

Celebrating our Success in the Classrooms

We invite you to take a look at the innovation and learning happening inside our school here at South Elementary.

Ms. Kristin Jares

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Ms. Azalia Flores

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EL Resource Teacher

Ms. Emily Curylo

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3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Andrea Winget

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Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Libby Juskiewicz

Photo of the Director of Second Language Programs

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Director of Second Language Learners

South School

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